Brand Content

Commercial content created with integrity, designed to endear people to brands, products and ideas. 

Our stories have high-end production values for organisations who are doing incredible things. Your story, audience and brand personality inform our approach; each piece of work is unashamedly unique, yet shares those universal documentary beats that modern audiences adore.

We love people; people and their stories! And we know most other people, like people too. By telling human-focused stories that are authentic, contemporary and artistic, our partners have successfully developed meaningful connections with new and existing audiences.


Recent Work

Recent projects we have produced, created and supported.

The Alternative Escape

New Music Cornwall, supported by Creative Kernow took four acts to The Alternative Escape – the official noisy neighbour of Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. The showcased artists included Rue, FARE, Milo Gore and L I P S; presenting a genre-defying sound that echoes the culture and buzz of the new music that is currently flourishing in Cornwall.


Flooglebinder’s mission is to help people gain vital experience and qualifications within the environmental sector; promoting the importance of sustainable travel. The team behind the brand are educational travel specialists offering volunteers conservation and community projects in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Cultivator - Design Frontier

Design Frontier is a campaign created by Creative Kernow and the Cultivator business team to showcase great design and craft from Cornwall. For the 2018 London Design Fair, the team have selected a collection of artists, designers and makers for the British Craft Pavilion.

Ellesse Heritage | Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt bravely chose a path of authenticity after splitting with her record label to peruse her own musical direction. Making her own space to create led to the release of a new EP and the start of the UK tour. Ellesse wished to explore the theme of freedom while learning about her background, motivation and passion for storytelling.

Ellesse Sport | Liam Smith

A nostalgic brand documentary featuring WBO light-middleweight champion Liam Smith. Ellesse was founded in Italy in 1959 and are deeply connected to the sport and fashion industries. The brand wanted to focus on Liam's achievements and family life, mixing documentary aesthetics with stylised training sequences.

Ellesse Music | Not3s

Not3s - entrepreneur, rapper and Hackney's prodigal son of grime. Writing his first song at eight years old, he is now blowing-up and attempting to build a whole new sound - combining contemporary RnB with rap, afrobeats, opera and pop music. In collaboration with Ellesse, this brand documentary follows Not3s and his crew from the studio to the streets - out his debut UK tour.


Short stories from Momentum's flagship leadership course which provides training and career development opportunities to young professionals. The four films were created closely with the main protagonists, following each of them quite intimately on a week-long training programme which pushed them beyond there limits whilst immersed in a different culture.

AK Tirol

AK Tirol is a public union of sorts which represents the workers of the Tirol region of Austria. AKs remit provides opportunities for young people who have fallen out of the work and education system. Their flagship project is based in Cornwall. These residential projects unfold over a month, the group learn basic skills such as cohabitation, cooking, cleaning and gardening - but also have work time with a (specialist) mentor. These shorts, made with real participants on a live project suggests they are looking back on their experience in Cornwall years into the future.

Cornwall 365

Cultural Canapés in the Capital - In November 2018, Cornwall 365 brought a range of businesses to London, creating a showcase of experiential tourism. Stakeholders wished to capture the event, yet tell the bigger story about the makers who have been included and the continued support they received from Cornwall 365. An event film blossomed into a short form, brand film that celebrates the work of 365 in a tour of Cornwall, all the while considering the hole that might be left if/when the UK leaves Europe.