Feature documentaries we have produced.

Last Fisherman

This is the story of Malcolm Baker, the last traditional Fisherman of Rame, Cornwall. In his youth, this grumpy fisherman had a reputation for trouble; he made a living by shooting nets in Kingsand Bay and crabbin' on the Rame Peninsula like generations have done before him.He was born and raised in Kingsand and Cawsand, a home in Cornwall's forgotten corner, and a place he has never left.

The romantic vision of a working fishing village has long succumbed to second homes and long, dark winters with few lights on in the empty seafront homes. In a continually changing community, fishing industry and world, the last fisherman of Rame is struggling to find his place within it.

The Anholt Project

A group of 22 youngsters from six different cultures find themselves on a remote Danish island - Anholt. Formerly a forest, Anholt is now an errie desert with under 100 inhabitants.

The group are given only three rules, limited resources and will receive little to no supervisory interference. The education system has let them all down, and they find themselves on the fringes of society. As part of a European Youth in Action project, they are challenged to create their own micro-society under the watchful eye of two Universities .

This isnt supposed to be Lord of the Flies, but it could well be.

Coming Soon

Projects that are in post production.

Race Across America (working title)

Four amateur bike riders, all of whom have survived cancer take part in the worlds hardest ultramarathon bike race - the RAAM, otherwise known as the Race Across America.

Leaving behind their families, day jobs and sanity, this idealistic group of have-a-go heroes bite of more than they can chew in an attempt to set a world record and raise a ton of cash for children with cancer.

3100 miles.
12 States.
6 Mt. Everest’s in climbing.
40 degrees plus heat.
2 Hours sleep per day.

Principle photography took place in the summer of 2018. The film is currently, in post-production, due for release in Autumn 2019.